Monday, January 7, 2013


(I apologize for the tardiness of this post...I forgot to schedule it, so I missed a day!)

Zip it!

I think we tend to bitch about things without thinking about WHAT we are complaining about. Let me tell you a little story to illustrate my point.

My husband is a whistler. He whistles when he's happy, he whistles when he's working, he whistles when he's in the shower and he whistles when he's .... well, breathing. Twenty-seven years ago, his whistling was getting on my nerves. He would whistle when I was on the phone or trying to listen to something else, and it was starting to annoy me.

And then one day I read a letter to Dear Abby while I was eating my lunch. A lady wrote in to comment on a previous letter-writer who had complained to Abby about her husband's constant humming. The lady wrote to say that her late husband had been a hummer, too, and now that he was gone, she would give anything to hear his absentminded humming.

That was the day the whistling stopped bothering me.


  1. My husband is a whistler too. I stopped minding all the repeated made up tunes, when I realized that he was happy. I worry when he doesn't whistle ;-)

    1. Isn't it nice to have a happy husband?

      Mine doesn't whistle made-up tunes. He whistles whatever is the current "stuck in his brain" tune. So I have a chronic game of Name That Tune going. I usually do pretty well.

      Thanks for visiting me!


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